Jake Jorgovan's 2014 Annual Goals

As I wrote this guide on goal setting, I felt that it would be best to lead by example. Below are my goals for the upcoming year and quarter.  I have been transparent with everything here, my financials, my personal desires, and my dreams.

My hopes are that these can give you some insight into my mind, how I set goals and inspire you to set your own. 

Publishing, Writing, Speaking:

  • Release a blog post every sunday at 6:15pm
  • Release one large project per month (Video, eBook, etc.)
  • Have 200 people reach out who have been inspired to create positive change in their life as a result of my publishing & speaking 
  • 1,500 subscribers (Sign up for e-mail list here)
  • 5,000 unique website visitors per month
  • Generate $1k of passive monthly income via blog
  • Create a personal press kit for public speaking
  • Book 5 public speaking events
  • Launch a podcast




  • Publish a weekly art project every Thursday by midnight
  • Have artwork featured in a gallery or on a reputable website
  • Sell a piece of artwork or complete a custom commissioned work


  • Generate a steady $5k in monthly personal income from web design consulting work
  • Reach $1k per month in passive income generated from my blog
  • Get paid for a public speaking engagement


  • Put away $6k in financial reserves
  • Deposit $2,400 into Roth IRA
  • Earn $80k in personal income 


  • Seek out mentors in areas of motivational speakers, bloggers, podcasters, authors and youtube influencers
  • Learn Adobe Illustrator & create an art project with it


  • Run a half marathon
  • Weigh 195 at end of year

Bucket List (These are life bucket list items that I will accomplish this year):

Hanging with a giraffe in Mexico

  • Get certified and go scuba diving for the first time
  • Set up an avocado based food stand in a foreign country
  • Live in another country for approximately six months (Currently in progress. I am writing this from a beach in Mexico.)
  • Run a half marathon
  • Hike a 14,000ft mountain
  • Build an online audience of at least 1,000 people that I can inspire

Jake Jorgovan's Quarter 1 Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Art - Publish a new piece of artwork every Thursday by Midnight
  • Roth IRA - Deposit $200 per month
  • Financial reserves - Deposit $500 per month
  • Bucket List
    • Go scuba diving
    • Set up avocado based food stand at local market in Puerto Vallarta
    • Live abroad for 6 months in Mexico
  • Health - Run an average of 10 miles per week. Tracked via MapMyRun

Professional Goals:

  • Publish a blog post every sunday at 6:15pm
  • Submit 1 guest post per week to other blogs in order to inspire new audiences and grow subscriber list
  • Have 50 people reach out who have been inspired to create positive change as a result of my publishing
  • 500 subscribers to e-mail list. (Sign up here)
  • Publish one large project per month
    • January - How to start a business while in school and create your own job (Video)
    • Feb - Project Undecided
    • March - Productivity & Goal Planning Tool
  • Business - Generate steady $5k per month in website design consulting work, $15k in quarterly revenue

There you have it, those are my 2014 Annual and Quarter 1 goals. My hopes are that my transparency in this post can help inspire you in your own goal setting.

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