Why I create one piece of art per week

One of my many weekly drawings

One of my many weekly drawings

I make it habit of drawing at least once a week. I don't do it because I want to be an accomplished illustrator someday. 

I do it because it is relaxing and stimulates creativity.

It is a mental break from any client work, projects or real life situations that I am dealing with.

Once a week, I try to dedicate just one hour to creating something that is purely for me. I don't get paid for it, it isn't for a client. It is just for my own enjoyment.

Somewhere along the line, a lot of us that are creatives stop creating for ourselves and start creating for others or to make a living. We lose touch with creativity

I encourage you, try to create just one piece of artwork per week purely for your own enjoyment. It will do wonders for you own creativity and mental health. 

If you need accountability to stay on track, I have created a facebook group called The Inspired Creator where creatives post their weekly creations. Feel free to join.

Recent creations

My favorite pieces of all time

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Join The Inspired Creator and become part of a community of artists who are committed to creating one piece of non-paid work every single week.