Under promise, over deliver

Under promise, over deliver

If there is one mistake that nearly all creative professionals are culprit of, it is this.

They make promises to clients, and then they don't deliver on them.

They tell a client "I will have that to you tomorrow."

Then tomorrow rolls around, and they break the promise.  They don't deliver. This broken promise upsets the client and it hurts the relationship. 

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How to handle projects with an unclear scope

How to handle projects with an unclear scope

You know the situation. 

A prospect comes to you with a project and the scope is just unclear. 

So how to we handle these situations when a client comes to us and the scope is unclear?

How do we proceed forward and not commit ourselves to something we later regret?

My goal with this post is to outline a method to handle these situations and also get paid for your time. 

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How to start a business as a first time entrerpeneur

How to start a business as a first time entrerpeneur

One of the biggest questions that I get is from people who are seeking to start their own business for the first time.

They have spent their whole life working in jobs for someone else, and thus the idea of starting a business seems scary and overwhelming.

My goal with this post is to share with you my biggest recommendations for first time entrepreneurs.

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How to conduct a personal quarterly review + My Q1 review & Q2 goals

One of the fastest ways for any individual to make positive change in their life is to set goals, and then work at achieving them.

Every quarter, I do a quarterly review where I review my previous quarter and set goals for the upcoming quarter. 

Below you will see a list of my quarterly goals I set for Q1 with the actual outcomes for each of those goals. Then I also dive into detail about what went well, and what didn't. 

I encourage you to take this format and apply it to your own life and do your own Quarterly review. 

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The freelancer pitch framework - Stop overcomplicating what you do

There is a recurring trend I see among nearly all creative professional who are considering starting their own business or are in the early phases. 

They overcomplicate what they do.

Learning to easily communicate what you do is one of the most important things every creative professional must learn.

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The price of creativity

Creativity. There are few sellable goods or services that have such a wide range of pricing as creative work.

Why is it that one painting can cost millions of dollars, while another can't even be sold?

Why is that one designer can charge 10x what another designer charges for the exact same service?

My goal with this post is to share with you two examples of creative pricing in action, and then explain to you why they are priced the way they are.

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LEAN Marketing

Several years ago Eric Ries published an popular business book called The Lean Startup

The core principle of the book is that you shouldn't invest large amounts of time, money and energy into a new business up front without knowing if it will work. 

That same principle is true for marketing your creative services. 

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The most powerful way to differentiate your creative business

All of us that do creative work face a similar challenge. 

Despite our best efforts to be unique, at times we can feel like a commodity.

While we may have our own unique style, there are hundreds of other creatives out there with their unique style as well.

So it begs the question, ‘How do I differentiate myself in the creative field?’

My goal with this post is to share with you the single most powerful way to differentiate your creative business.

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How to make the jump to freelancing full time

One of the biggest questions I regularly get through my site is from creatives who are wanting to quit their jobs and freelance full time.

They know they want to do it, but they are afraid to make the jump. 

In this post, I will share with you two strategies for making the jump and stories of freelancers who have done it. 

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Unconventional Pricing for Creatives

I want to share with you a story. The story is of two designers.

Both designers make roughly $6,000 per month.

Yet there is one massive difference between these two designers.

One designer is working 60+ hours per week while juggling a ton of clients.

The second designer is working 20-25 hours per week while handling just a few clients.

Both designers are similar, but one works significantly more than the other.

How does this happen?

The difference is in the pricing.

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Why creatives must have side projects

If you are going to be a freelancer for a living, it is essential that you have a side project.

It is not a maybe, it is a must have.

Side projects are what fuel your creative energy, allow you to practice your skills, and will ultimately become the the primary projects that shape the course of your life.

My goal with this post is to share with you the reasons why every creative must have a side project

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Why you should have 'a list of people you like'

For years, I have used a strategy that has both improved my quality of life and generated a large amount of income.

The strategy has never cost me a single dollar, and I enjoy executing it.

Its not complicated, and it is something anyone can do.

    I keep a list of people I like.  

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