Win Your Dream Clients

Currently I am writing a new book called Win Your Dream Clients. This book encompasses all of the key lessons I have learned about client acquisitions through my experience running an agency, consulting for others, as well as interviewing over 300+ agency owners and consultants. 

Every time I interview an agency owner or consultant, I ask one simple question: How do you get new clients? 

The answers to that simple question led to the creation of this book. Over the past few years, I have kept a swipe file of every tactic, strategy and tool I have seen agency owners and consultants use to win new business. 

This book covers all of those key tactics and gives you a framework for how to choose the strategies that are right for YOUR BUSINESS. 

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The Focused Creator

Over two years I wrote The Focused Creator. Since then this free book has been downloaded thousands of times and I have received countless emails from individuals who's lives and productivity have been changed for the better. 

This book is not just a fluffy ebook about productivity.

It is a system and framework for organizing your life and achieving your goals.