Case Study 1 -

To some it may seem odd that I point to my own site as a case study, but this website is a living and breathing testament to my marketing, technology and web design skill set.

I relaunched my blog in December of 2013. Since then I have:

  • Published a minimum of one blog post per week for four months straight
  • Attracted 10,000 unique visitors to my website
  • Gathered 200 e-mail subscribers (Sign for my e-mail list)

Everything on my blog, I have done myself. I don’t outsource any of it. 

Skill sets demonstrated on my blog:

Jake Jorgovan's personal logo

Jake Jorgovan's personal logo

Give me 30 minutes and I will share how to take your business or personal brand to celebrity status

The marketing behind this blog is the reason that you are reading this page right now. 

Through my content and marketing, I have brought you to this page where you are considering my consulting services.

Give me 30 minutes on the phone, and I will give you a path to a brand that people want to connect with.

Marketing Case Studies