Case Study - Nashville Event Lighting

Blake Chaffin is the CEO and owner of Nashville Event Lighting (NEL).

Blake’s lighting company has been around for years, although after several poor web design experiences, they were stuck with a static website that they couldn’t update.

Blake came to Jake in search of a solution.

Phase 1 - Website Redesign

Jake first redesigned Blake’s entire website. The site was rebuilt on the Squarespace platform so that it was easy to update and would be accepted across all browsers.

The web design process took approximately 2-3 weeks.

Upon completing the web design project, Blake put Jake on a monthly retainer for simple updates and changes to the website.

This arrangement allows Blake’s to make any changes he needs to the website through a simple e-mail request. Given Blake’s busy schedule this was a perfect solution for him and the NEL team. 

Phase 2 - Marketing Discovery

Once the website was rebuilt, the next step was to turn the website into a living and breathing tool that draws new clients into NEL.

We started this process by engaging in several discovery sessions where I learned everything I possibly could about the NEL business and their clients.

It feels like a lot less like we hired somebody, and more like we got to work with a friend who cares about us. Jake is family now, and I trust him. You can, too.
— Blake Chaffin, CEO of Nashville Event Lighting

Initially, we expected to be targeting brides as weddings provide the largest source of NEL’s business, although the discovery process showed something different.

Nearly all of NEL’s clients come from repeat business and referrals from meeting planners, venues and other industry vendors.

A stand alone bride simply wasn’t a good client for NEL. They were too much hassle for a one off sale.

Instead, NEL’s best source of work were relationships with other vendors.

Phase 3 - Marketing Strategy

Once we discovered the source of NEL’s projects, we began planning a strategy on how to enhance those vendor relationships.

We decided to approach this strategy through a method of content marketing via NEL’s blog. 

On a weekly basis, we will be interviewing different vendors that Blake has a relationship with and spotlight them as the Nashville vendor of the week.

These discussions are meant to keep NEL’s relationships tight, grow their social media presence, and make NEL’s blog a source for other vendors to refer to.

As we collect these interviews, we are building them into a vendor directory that will live on NEL’s website of other recommended vendors.

This strategy is focused around strengthening NEL’s existing vendor relationships and helping them make new ones.

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