Finding your way in life

The next time you are trying to find your way in life, stop contemplating what is the right way to go.

Instead, take a small step in that direction and then evaluate if it feels like the right path.

We do not discover our passion in life through contemplation and meditation.

We discover our passion through action and evaluation. 

Thanks to Todd Henry for inspiring this writing with Die Empty

The process

I follow several artists as role models for my career, and I noticed one similarity across all of them.

When they talk about practicing their craft, they talk about it as loving the process and not the end result.

For many of them, art and creativity has made them richer than they ever dreamed, yet their focus was never the end result.

Their focus was on the process. 

The inspiration for everydays

There is an incredibly talented artist that I have followed for several years called Beeple. As of the writing of this post Beeple has created a piece of art every single day for 2671 days straight. 

Beeple has inspired me to embark on my own everyday journey. 

Everyday, I will be publishing a short post on my site about a concept or idea that I want to put out into the world. 

This is the start of my everyday journey, join me and read along.

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