The Creative's Guide to Launching Your Career

Do what you love
Work for yourself
Grow your income

In this guide you will learn strategies for launching your creative career from landing your first client, to building a marketing strategy that provides you with a continual flow of income.

The guide is full of expert knowledge, as well as interviews, videos and resources from thriving creatives professionals.

You will walk away from this guide with actionable methods to launch or grow your creative career.

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About the Guide

Who this guide is for

A creative professional taking the plunge and diving in to their career... (Photo courtesy of Derek Gavey)

A creative professional taking the plunge and diving in to their career... (Photo courtesy of Derek Gavey)

This guide is for aspiring and established creative professionals who want to build a career that allows them to do what they love and make good money from it. 

By the nature of my personality I enjoy spending time with creative professionals such as artists, designers, videographers, musicians, animators, photographers, writers, audio engineers and a whole other gambit of creatives.

Yet time and time again, I find myself pained when I see them struggling to get by with their skill sets. I see them waiting tables or rolling sushi at night in order to fund their life so that they can continue to pursue their creative career as a side hobby.

Other creative professionals that I see make the jump to pursuing the creative passion full time seem to get stuck at this level of just getting by. While they may be doing creative work full time, they can struggle to make ends meet or find themselves working around the clock for what is not nearly enough income. 

Often creatives have a mental barrier that prevents them from becoming truly successful in their careers. Often this barrier is a simple result of not knowing the proper techniques and mindsets to build a successful creative business. 

If you are a creative and desire to not only pursue your creative calling  full time, but also make a good income from it as the same time, then this guide is for you. 

Your creative career does not have to be a struggle. 

In fact it can be a joy ride and provide a significant amount of income for you if you simply know the techniques, mindsets and strategies for how to launch a successful creative career. 


The goal of this guide

Goal 1: To teach you the techniques, mindsets and strategies necessary for pursuing your creative career full time

Goal 2: To teach you how to not just get by with your creative career, but to make a good living from it as well

When you finish reading this guide, you should have actionable methods on how to launch your creative career or take your existing career to the next level.


How this guide is being written

This guide is a mixture of two primary components, personal experiences and lessons learned from my own creative endeavors and the experiences of other creative professionals.

My experiences:

Over the course of my career, I have  launched two successful creative ventures. 

The first was the video production company that I launched during college which went on to work with A-List celebrities and Fortune 500 clients. 

The second is my current freelancing Squarespace web design and marketing consultancy. This freelance business allows me to work remotely and travel the world while making a very good income at the same time.

This guide is full of some of the most valuable lessons and real world experiences that I have learned from building these two successful creative ventures. 

Other Creative Professionals Experiences:

The guide will contain video interviews with experienced creative professionals

The guide will contain video interviews with experienced creative professionals

In addition to my experiences, I will be interviewing a large number of successful creative professionals over the coming months about their experience getting started and launching their career from the beginning stages all the way up to wild success in their creative career.

This guide will also include audio & video interviews with  countless industry recognized creative professionals from all over the world who speak on many of the struggles and challenges that creatives face in their work. 

The purpose of this is to ensure that this guide is not a one sided approach and instead is jam packed with different viewpoints and techniques  from creative's all over the world. 

Launch date

This guide will be launching in Q1 of 2015, yet in September I will be holding a soft launch of this guide exclusively for individuals on my e-mail list. 

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