Over the course of my career as a creative, I have come across quite a few resources that are essential and have shaped my life and career. They are listed below. 

Online Learning

I am a huge advocate of for anyone who wants to learn a technology skill. They have the best software training I have ever found on everything from Microsoft Word to the most advanced 3D animation softwares. 

Personally I have used Lynda to learn all of my video and web design skills which have been the foundation of my career. Sign up for their free 7 day trial and give it a shot.

Skillshare is similar to but the courses are created by individual creative professionals. While Lynda courses are amazing for learning the technical ins and outs of a program, Skillshare is great for learning creative techniques. 

My top books for creative professionals

Die Empty - Todd Henry

In Die Empty Todd writes about how to maximize your productivity and focus as a creative so you can unleash your best work and create a legacy. 

This book will not only inspire you to do better work, it will help you bring purpose and passion into everything that you do. I cannot recommend this book enough. 

Check out Todd's Podcast called The Accidental Creative if you want to hear more from him.


The Designer's Guide to Marketing & Pricing - Illise Benun & Peleg Top

This is a must read for any creative professional. 

Most creatives are amazing at their craft but horrible at the business and marketing side of it.

This book will teach you everything from how to position yourself, to how to make sales and what to charge people. This book taught me the ropes on marketing and has helped me build multiple creative firms. 


Million Dollar Consulting - Alan Weiss

The name of this book may throw some creative's off. After all, many creative's don't consider themselves consultants.

Yet the content of this book is extremely valuable for any creative professional. In this book Alan has some of the best insight for proposal writing, sales, marketing and long term strategy for building a successful consulting career.

The book is a long read, but it is worth every second. 


The Art of Non-Conformity - Chris Guillebeau

This book does an amazing job of redefining success. 

If you want to be inspired to do something amazing with your life, and break out of the norm, then this book is a great place to start.

Also check out,  his blog and newsletter is amazing.


The Creative's Guide to Launching Your Freelance Career

I am currently writing a book that comprises everything that I have learned through personal experience and the experience of my peers about launching a successful creative career.

The book will be released in Q1 of 2015. Sign up here to be notified on launch date