Squarespace Web Design


For those that don't know, Squarespace is a new website design tool that has become extremely popular over the past few years. 

This tool is absolutely amazing and I use it every single day for my personal website, and nearly all of my client websites. In fact I make a majority of my income doing Squarespace consulting.

Over two years ago I began building websites on Squarespace, and I have seen it grow and morph over time into one of the most robust website platforms on the internet.

Why Squarespace is so great

Anyone who as ever built a website before, or hired someone to build it knows that it can be extremely expensive. A custom coded site or Wordpress site can generally cost $3,000 and up. Then you have to pay expensive costs to maintain that site overtime with the constantly changing internet. 

With Squarespace, many of the barriers and complexity of the technical design are removed. Thus, a website can be built in much less time for much less money. You also don't need to worry about it becoming outdated as Squarespace is constantly updating their themes to the best web standards. 

Official Squarespace Specialist

Squarespace has a page for specialists and designers that meet their approval standards. I am happy to say I am a specialist listed on their site.

Design Portfolio

Here are a few of my favorite out of the many Squarespace designs I have built. Other sites that I have built but I am not allowed to share publicly on my portfolio. If you would like to see more samples of my work, please contact me.

Customer Testimonials

It feels like a lot less like we hired somebody, and more like we got to work with a friend who cares about us. Jake is family now, and I trust him. You can, too.
— Blake Chaffin, NashvilleEventLighting.com
Jake has made the process of re-creating our website an easy task. He listened to our needs, added his creative skills and expertise, and put it all together into a package that works well for our members.
— Jane Lesser, 2013 President, MSWCA.com
Jake was incredibly easy to work with. He was super quick to respond to our requests and make changes and basically took our website from amateur to professional in a few hours. We’re so happy with the results.
— Olivia Cranin, PrettierPlease.com
I really enjoyed working with Jake. He was highly responsive to my ideas, while offering great suggestions I hadn’t even thought of. He not only put together a professional website, but he provided individually tailored training videos on how to use the platform which were invaluable. I would highly recommend Jake to anyone looking for a Squarespace website design. I will certainly use his services again for future projects
— Julie Askew, TheRealFoodKids.com

Squarespace Services

Building sites from scratch

For many clients, I help them build a website from scratch. They give me the content, the goal or the idea and then I do the dirty work of actually building the site.

Squarespace Makeover

Sometimes, clients have all of their content already loaded into Squarespace, they simply struggle with the design and cleaning it up part. Here is where I dive in, make things look professional and then fix anything that may be wrong with the site.

Website Migrations

Many of the projects I work on are companies that are moving from a custom coded or Wordpress site to the Squarespace platform. In this case, it is a matter of moving content the domain and other information across platforms. 


Many of my clients want to manage their site and update it on a regular basis after they finish the project. I simply record a screen capture video as I walk them through how their site is setup, and what they need to do to manage and maintain the site going forward. 


After completing the project, I also help manage the site for many of my clients for a low monthly fee. This allows a change to your website to be only an e-mail away. Many times, this basic maintenance agreement also grows into a marketing consulting role as well. 

Whatever your Squarespace needs are, I am here to help. 

Squarespace Tutorials Youtube channel

For many of my clients, I record custom video tutorials showing them how to use the Squarespace platform.

After recording many of the same features over and over again, I went ahead and created a Youtube channel to cover some of my most commonly asked questions.