Imagine that you won a dream client...

How would that change your business?

Winning a dream client could literally change your entire business.
Yet, so many of the agencies and consultants I meet are passive in their sales and marketing,
Often, the biggest source of work for them is referrals and word of mouth.

If you are relying on referrals and word of mouth, then the most important part of your business is not in your control.

Those could dry up at any moment. And often the clients you get through those sources are not always the clients you want.

Imagine having a system that generates new clients and better clients for your business

You will no longer be waiting on the phone to ring (or the inbox to ping) with new leads.

Instead, you will be proactively generating new clients and better clients for your business.

That is what you will learn when you sign up for the Win Your Dream Clients email crash course.


In just a few months, we had our first signed deal with one of our dream clients and proposals in the works for several others. Jake did exactly what he said he would do, he won us our dream clients.
— Ryan Carter, CEO of Parachute Media
We worked with Jake to build a list of 30 dream contacts who we wanted to build relationships with. Over the course of 3 months Jake helped get us in the door with over half of that list. They exceeded my expectations and moved our business forward in a big way.
— Sam Claitor, CEO of Fablehouse
I highly recommend Jake and his team. As I write this, I am flying to Vegas. Jake’s team scheduled 20+ meetings this week, and nearly 40 ‘interested’ people. He killed it.
— Florian Auckenthaler, CEO of DesigningIT

“How do agencies and consultants win new clients?"

This is the question that I have made the focus of all of my research, writing and consulting. I have spoken to hundreds of agency owners and consultants and asked them this simple question: "How do you get new clients?"

Each time someone shares how they get new clients, I write down their answer. 

The result is a massive list of every tactic and approach that agencies and consultants are using to win new business. 

In the Win Your Dream Clients email crash course, I share the list of those tactics with you and provide a framework for how to choose which tactics are right for YOU!

In the video above, I share with you my story and why I focus on helping agencies and consultants win their dream clients

Win new clients, raise your rates, and scale your business

Generating more opportunities to work with better clients is the key to growth in your business.

Regardless of if you want to scale, raise your rates or just work with better clients, using the strategies and tactics that I outline in the Win Your Dream Clients email course will get you there.

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This 10 part email crash course will teach you how to win more clients and better clients

Learn how to win your dream clients

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Learn how to win your dream clients

Sign up for my 7 part email course