000: What is the Daily?

"If you can't teach, you can't live it." - Garret J. White, Founder of Wake Up Warrior

9 months ago, I started a practice inspired by the Wake Up Warrior Program. 

Every day I study and learn something new. 
And every day, I teach what I learn to others.

Because when you teach something others, it reinforces the ideas and concepts into your own mind. 

Instead of just becoming a passive reader, you become an active teacher and you absorb much more of what you actually consume.

Instead of reading to get more pages in, you begin to read for revelations to teach others.

So 9 months ago, I began sharing these lessons in the form of daily Linkedin posts. 

But over time I had people start to comment and say "This should be a blog post" 
Or I would write something quite powerful that I wanted to remember myself and never forget. 

Yet when all of my posts are just living on Linkedin's news feed, they have a short lifespan, and Linkedin could delete them at a moments notice.

That is why I am creating The Daily as a blog on my website. 

Short daily revelations taught in less than 1,200 characters. 

Join me on the journey.
And I encourage you to start a practice like this on your own. 
It has the power to change your life.