007: Turn life into a game

Growing up, I loved playing video games because there is always a scoreboard and a way to know if you are winning. 

Yet, as you get older and go through life, you often have no idea if you are "winning". 

And so with no "scoreboard" to our life, we just wander about and have nothing pushing us toward improvement.

Unless we build our own scoreboard...

Bookmarked on my browser is my "Personal Dashboard"

This is an excel spreadsheet that I used to track that which is most important to me. I use this to put metrics to my daily habits and actions.

Did I work out today?
Did I meditate today?
Did I write a letter to my wife today?
Did I study something new?
Did I teach what I learned to others?
What is my weight?

These are a few examples, but I track many more items. 

The purpose of measuring all of these is simple...

To turn life into a game. 

Because when all of my metrics are green, I know I am winning.

And when my metrics start to fall behind, it's time for me to level up.