001: Lessons don't just come from business books

For many years, I just looked to business books and thought leaders to learn more about business. But recently I discovered a better place to find business insights...

You see, every day in life, we learn lessons.

That lesson could be in the gym, in our marriage, in a relationship we have, or in the practice of a hobby.

And every time we learn a lesson in one aspect of our life, you can look to see how that lesson applies to business.

For example, I have been practicing Spanish for 4 months now. My routine daily has looked pretty much the same. Although when I actually arrived in Mexico, I realized that while I could speak, write and read decently, my comprehension was terrible.

So I was plateauing and I learned that to grow, I needed to change my learning routine to add live conversation to my daily practice.

Now, I can take that same lesson and ask "Where am I plateauing in business, and I need to change my daily actions to create growth?"

For me, it involves leaning in and training a new strategist so I can free up a significant portion of my time and elevate as a businessman.

What lesson have you learned lately outside of business that can apply directly to your business?