003: Make a decision

"You don't have a problem, you have a decision to make" - Garrett J. White

What keeps you up at night?
What is the biggest thing stopping you from achieving your goals?
Where do you find yourself unclear and uncertain?

Whenever you find your in this spot of lacking certainty on how to get what I want, the next step is clear.

Make a decision. 

You see, lack of decision means lack of commitment. 
Lack of commitment leads to lack of clarity. 
Lack of clarity leads to a lack of confidence. 

So if you want to feel clear and confident about your path forward... then figure out where you are not making a decision, and freaking make it. 

For me, I was unclear about my business future. I knew I wanted to start another business, but when and what has been this ambiguous thing in my mind for months and months. 

Then I made a decision... April 1st, 2019. That is when I will START working on launching my next business. Not a day sooner, not a day later.

In making that decision, I have found clarity and confidence. 
But that first started with committing to a decision.

Where in your life are you not committing to a decision?