005: To grow your business, grow yourself

15 months ago, when I started Lead Cookie, I was an entirely different man. 

I was weaker, naive, inexperienced, a poor leader, and ignorant on how to really grow a business. 

And through the process of building Lead Cookie, I hit walls. 

In the past, when I was trying to launch a new business, those walls stopped me in my tracks, and I never experienced more growth.

But this time I was armed with a new revelation...

If I wanted to grow this business, I had to grow as an individual.

So everyday, I committed myself to studying a book surrounding, business, marketing and sales... 

And everyday I started to share what I learned in these Linkedin posts. 

Through that daily practice, and several others that I started to follow, I grew and elevated as a man, an entrepreneur, and a leader. 

A wise mentor once told me "Your business is a reflection of you."

If you are not growing, your business will not either.