006: Be your own mentor

For years, I looked for mentors, coaches, and answers to all of my problems outside of myself.

I read book after book.
Watched video after video.
Interviewed leader after leader.

Each time, I was looking for someone with the answers. 

And eventually, I did hire a coach and mentor, and even today I have joined programs for ongoing coaching and mentorship.

But here is what I learned...

Your mentors don't have the answers.
YOU have the answers. 

When I worked with these smart coaches and mentors, they didn't tell me what to do, or give me all the answers.

They simply shined a mirror back on me, and gave me the confidence and certainty that I could make the decisions on your own. 

Stop looking outside of yourself for the answers to your problems.
You have all of the answers inside of you. 
You simply must become certain and confident in yourself.