008: Fitness Impacts Your Finances

For the first 9 years of my entrepreneurial career, I neglected my body. 
I told myself that I "didn't have time to work out" because I was so busy with work. 

And so for 9 years, my body was weak and unhealthy.

Yet here is the ironic thing... 

It was about 1 years ago near the start of Lead Cookie that I committed to exercising on a daily basis. 

I made the commitment, and I made time to make it happen.

And here is the ironic part...

Even though I was and am more busy now than I as then, I still workout.

Why do I do it?

Because your body can be either an anchor, or a an asset in your life. 

If you neglect your body, your energy is low and your body will hold you down from bringing full energy to your work.

If you treat your body like an asset, then your body will generate power and energy that lets you bring your full self to work.

Your body is an asset. 
Invest in it.