009: Value exists in the minds of men

Wrapped around a finger on my left hand is a wedding ring. 
This ring is made of gold and white gold. 

If you were to walk into a jeweler and buy this exact ring, it would cost you roughly $1,400. 

It would cost that because the "markets" which are made up of all of the men and women in the world, have determined the the value of these materials is roughly $1,400.

Yet, if you were to ask me the value of this ring... That would be a different story.

This ring is not just made of gold, it is made of gold from my grandfathers jewelry. 

This ring is not just a ring, it signifies my love and commitment to my wife.

To me, the value of this ring is worth far more than $1,400. 
If I lost it, I would pay far more to get it back. 

Value does not just exist in gold and materials.
Value is created in the minds of men. 

The property itself has no value without people.
Human perception creates value.