010: Food fuels production

For years, I ate whatever I felt like. I had no routine, and no set diet. 
I just tried to "eat healthy" as often as I could. 

And for years, I failed to see a connection between what I ate, and how I felt.

But over time, as I refined my diet down to a science, I learned an important lesson. 

Food is fuel. 

If I eat unhealthy foods, I will feel groggy, tired and weak. 
Unhealthy foods dampen my ability to produce at work and ultimately reduce my output.

If I eat healthy food, I feel energized, invigorated, and fueled to produce. 
Healthy foods fuel my ability to produce and maximize my output. 

This sounds obvious and simple, yet for many people it is a concept they have never even considered. 

I know because for 25 years, I never considered it. 

Food is fuel. 

If you want to produce at a higher level, give your body the fuel it needs.