012: Meditation Boosts Productivity

For years, I tried to keep a regular meditation habit... but it would always fall by the wayside when "things got busy"

Yet, over the past 10 months, I have gotten very serious about my meditation practice. 
And over the past 10 months, I have had some of the busiest weeks of my life. 
But I still kept meditating... 

Because here is what I learned... 

When you meditate daily, your productivity skyrockets. 

Even though it may feel like you are "wasting time", it is actually the exact opposite.

If you spend 10-20 minutes meditating in the morning DAILY, over time you will begin to experience this clarity and calmness in your mind. 

This helps you become much more conscious of distractions.
This helps you stop your emotions from getting in the way of your work. 
This helps you produce at a higher level. 

If you want to get more done, spend 10-20 minutes every morning doing nothing. 

It's the ultimate productivity hack. You just have to actually do it daily.