013: Marketing is about status

Anytime we make a purchase, status comes into play.

When we hire the premium provider, we do it out of status.
When we buy new clothes, we do it to obtain status.
When we buy the latest iPhone, we do it not for the features, but for the status.

Because when we lack status, we feel shame. It is in our nature.

And marketers have tapped into this.

Ever so subtly, they create this element of status in marketing, and in doing so, we feel shame if we don't partake.

Shame at our lesser clothing.
Shame at our old phone.
Shame at not being able to afford the best vendor.

Good marketers know that shame is an important emotion that presses us into action.

So be aware when a marketer is making you feel shame.
And consider how you can ever so subtly use shame in your marketing to pull someone into a place of higher status with you.

Thank you to Seth Godin for your new Akimbo episode which was the source of inspiration for this post - https://www.akimbo.me/blog/episode-2-status-roles