014: Take a morning dump (mentally)

Every morning I take a dump... in both a literal and figurative sense.
I drink my coffee and...
But I also sit down every morning and I journal (aka my mental dump).

I open up a blank page on my computer, and I start writing. I start getting my ideas, my thoughts and my emotions on paper.

This is a practice I learned years ago from Julia Cameron's "The Artists Way" and it is still a practice that I follow today.

It's a way to clean the slate and get your emotions and thoughts out of the way so that you can focus on the actual work of the day.

It's a place for you to talk through decisions and challenges you are facing in your head. 

It's a place for you to talk with yourself and get yourself out of the way.

Everyday, I wake up and I take that mental dump.
And as a result, I enter my day with significantly more clarity and focus.