015: The age of mass customization

For years, business books have taught us to reduce customization in favor of systemization. 

They told us to ignore the edge cases, and build for the average.

And for years, that worked because we had no other choice.

But times are changing.

Technology, the internet and the ease of accessing more options is changing this game.

Mass production is no longer the goal.
Instead, we are in the age of mass customization.

Because buyers are fed up with one-size-fits all approaches. 

And instead, if you can see them for who they are, and build a system that can customize at scale... that is when you have the competitive advantage. 

It's not about building the perfect system with no variability.
It's about building a system that can produce customization and personalization at scale.


Another shout out to Seth Godin's great podcast Akimbo for this inspiration - https://www.akimbo.me/blog/episode-3-i-see-you-no-more-square-tomatoes