016: Problems at home mean problems in business

Several years ago I was part of an EO Chapter for a period of time. I met lots of great people there, but there was one trend I saw across many of the business owners.

They had a "Successful" business but were divorced and miserable. 

You see, they had built their lives and their businsses in this unsustainable way. 

They put their business before everything, and as a result many sabotaged their personal life, and then turned to alchohol to numb the pain. 

But there were a few other entrepreneurs who I met. These were the ones who seemed to "have it figured out"

They were happily married and appeared to have these great relationships with their families.
And ironically, these were the entrepreneurs who continued to crush it year after year, even when I left the chapter. 

Many entrepreneurs think that business comes first, and if they can just build a better business, then they can focus on their family.

But the opposite is true...

First, build a strong foundation with your partner and your loved ones. That foundation becomes the basis for which you can build an incredible business.

Life fuels business. 
It's not the other way around.