017: Plan before you create

For years, I jumped from business idea to business idea.
Some brilliant idea popped in my head and then I just started working on it. 

And then a few weeks or months later, it would die or I would give up on it.

But over time I began to see trends across my businesses that were successful, and those that failed.

It was that I chose to actually plan on the front end. 
I actually stopped and gave myself time to think things through.

Before starting Lead Cookie, I spent roughly 3 weeks in the planning phase as I decided on what business opportunity I would pursue.

Those 3 weeks of planning set the course for what became my most successful business yet.

Note that I said 3 weeks of planning, and not 3 months.

It is easy to get caught up in this phase and plan forever.
Eventually you must create. 

But for many creators like myself, skipping that planning phase is often the downfall of what could have been some of our best work.

Plan before you create. 
It's worth it.