018: Competition is motivation

For years, I worked out on my own. I would run, or lift or exercise all alone. 

And in that exercising I would "push myself to my limits" at times. 

Or so I thought...

Eventually, I joined up to a Crossfit gym where the workouts are in group format. 

And something awoke in me. 
After I got comfortable with the movements, I started finding myself pushing myself to entirely new levels.

I pushed myself to be faster than the person next to me. 
Or stronger than the person next to me.

At times, this could get unhealthy as it's to focus too much on others.
But in many ways, this competition against others awoke an entirely new level of intensity I never knew I had. 

Competition isn't a bad thing. 
It can become a motivator to drive you to entirely new levels of output.