021: Your income is a reflection of value

For years, I was frustrated with not making enough money. 
I kept pushing and trying different things to make more. 
Yet there was always a ceiling...

What I didn't realize at the time, was that my income was hitting a ceiling because I the value I was creating had hit a ceiling.

My business was bottlenecked based my time, and I was terrible at scaling teams to support more customers. 

Since I couldn't support more customers, I couldn't create more value. 
And since i couldn't create more value, I couldn't earn more.

Over time, I learned a new mindset...

Your personal income is a reflection of the value you create in the market. 

If you want to grow that income, figure out how to serve more customers, more frequently, or provide them with more value. 

Because it is only when you provide true value for others, that finances will come back to you in return. 

You might be able to make some quick cash without providing value, but it won't be sustainable.

If you want real financial returns, you must create real value in the market.