023: Expansion as Purpose

For years I have wrestled with this idea of "What is my purpose?" 
That's a pretty freaking hard question to answer. 

In my business, our purpose statement is "The purpose of the companies we create is to generate more freedom, not less, for our owners, team members and customers."

Yet over time, I even wrestled with this and said "Why freedom? What is it for?"

And once again I felt lost...

But eventually, I was introduced to a simple concept on purpose that can be common to anyone.

The purpose of life is expansion.

It is to grow and become more today than we were yesterday. 
Not just in our business, but in our health, our relationships, our impact on others, and in our self-awareness. 

When you really consider this as your purpose, it becomes something that can constantly drive you. 

It can drive you to create more, to push through a plateu, or to stop you from stagnating and retracting backwards.

And it is a purpose that you can apply to anything in your life. 

So why do I generate freedom with my businesses? So that I have more freedom to expand in all aspects of life. 

Consider for a moment that expansion is the purpose of your life. 
How would that change things?