025: Stop Lying

Stop lying... this may sound obvious, and you may say "But Jake, I don't lie.
Well I would ask you to reconsider what is even a lie.

If you take on a project, and then fail to deliver on your promise, that is a lie.
If you avoid conflict with someone close to you and hide your true feelings, that is a lie. 
If you tell yourself you are doing better at eating health, and consistently binge on ice cream, that is a lie.

Lies aren't just the straight telling of lies. 
They are also lies whenever we are afraid to look at the truths in our life.

And when we don't look at the truth, we find ourselves living in fantasy. 

And from this place of fantasy, we have no power, and we can build nothing. 
Because ultimately, we are lying.

For years, I lied in a lot of the work I did.
I sold os many clients, and then I would fail to deliver what I said I would. 

I did not do it intentionally, I simply did not have the skillsets that I thought I did. I was naive about my own strengths, and as a result clients suffered due to my over promising and under delivering. 

We all lie somewhere. 
Where are you lying or avoiding looking at the truth?