026: Build leaders around you

For years, I operated from a place of delegating tasks. I would get the work, and then delegate tasks to my team around me.

That is a great place to start, but it has it's limits.

Because when you are delegating tasks, everything still bottlenecks at you. 

The hard next step of leadership is to move yourself from a place of delegating tasks, to a place of building leaders.

This is not some quick thing you can change overnight. 
But instead you must invest in and work with the leaders on your team on a consistent basis, over the long haul. 

You can't just "hire the perfect team leader". 
That doesn't happen. 

In fact most people get frustrated at the people they hire and think they aren't good enough.

But the truth is, they simply haven't invested the time and energy to craft that person into a great leader.

Find someone with a great attitude, and then invest into them. Pour time, energy and money into them weak after weak to turn them into a leader.

And once you have built leaders on your team, you have just elevated your business.

Because now they can delegate tasks instead of you. 
When this happens, you begin to grow exponentially.