027: Longer focus = Greater Results

Recently I was listening to Russ Perry of Design Pickle when he was sharing a simple concept on success.

“The longer you focus on something, the greater the results.”

This sounds obvious, and simple, yet for many entrepreneurs, this is actually quite a problem. 

For me, I know it was a problem.

Prior to Lead Cookie, I was all over the place. The 4 years prior to Lead Cookie, I proceeded to start and stop countless different business models and offers.

And right as I started to get traction on something, I would shift my focus to something else.

As I look back at those shifts, I realize how each time, I was on the edge of a success. 

If I had just stayed focused a bit longer, I would have seen a massive increase in results. 

But I lacked focus.

And so each time I pivoted directions, I would start over from scratch.
I would burn down what I had built, and start over.

What I needed was not a better idea…
What I needed was to stay focused. 

Lead Cookie almost died at 6 months out. I almost repeated the pattern again.

But I caught myself, I stayed focused and as a result it is a $50k+ per month business today.

The longer you stay focused, the greater the results.