028: Plateaus

As we work to grow ourselves in any area of life, we are going to hit plateaus. 

Points in business where our growth stagnates. 
In our health where our body stagnates.
Or even in our relationships or personal hobbies. 

Recently I read a post by Seth Godin on this that was massively impactful for me. 

He brought up that these plateaus are not bad. 

Typically they happen when we keep doing the same actions, but eventually we hit the maximum output we can get from the same input. 

But we are comfortable doing the same inputs, so we just stabilize there and get content. 

This isn't bad, because this plateau gives us a place to rest. 

But the problem is when we get complacent in the plateau. 
We just keep doing the same inputs, and stop growing. 

When we hit a plateau, doing more of the same input won't get you a new output. 

You must change your inputs, and change your actions. 
That is the path to rising again. 
And you will rise until you hit that next plateau...
And then you will do it all over again.