029: Let your emotions free

Have you ever said something or done something from a place where you were heated with emotions? 

You were fired up in the moment, and let it fly.
Yet later you found yourself in regret for the actions you took or things you said. 

When we operate from this place of heavy emotion, it's hard to make good decisions. Emotion can cloud our judgement. 

So there is a simple process to make better decisions.

First, identify when you are being triggered by a strong emotion.

Second, hold yourself calm in that moment and minimize action. 

Third, in private, let your emotions fly. Use a journal, talk into a voice memo, or even just talk it out loud while you are driving. 

The goal here is to say or scream all of the things you really want to say so that those emotions are out of your head. 

Keep going, until nothing is left to be said.

From there, you have cleared the plate of emotions, and you can operate from a place of much more clarity.