032: Self Sabatoge

The other day, I was working on my financial models and plans for 2019. 

While I was doing this, I had a number in my head for what I wanted to make in take home income in 2019.

But as I started working on the plans to achieve that, I began to self-sabatoge... 

I looked at that number and said "Woah, no that's too much."
Or "That's unrealistic to have that much growth in one year."
Or "I don't know how I would actually make that much."

And all of these stories got into my head, and I dropped my number... 

But then while consuming some content on wealth creation, I was probed with a different question. 

"What would have to be true for me to make $##,### in 2019?" 

That is a very different question. 

You see at first, I was exploring my goals based on the limitations of my current reality. And so I was scared to think big.

But this question makes you think different. It forces you to figure out what would have to happen for you to earn that level of income. 

It forces you to think bigger than your current reality. 
And once you think bigger, then you can take the first steps into creating that reality.