033: Expansion as purpose

For years, I've struggled to figure out and understand my purpose. 

For a while, it was all about me.
And then for a while, it was all about others. 

But neither purpose alone seemed to drive me. 

And then this idea was planted in my head that "Expansion is your purpose"

And when you look at purpose through that lens, things start to change.

I grow in all areas of life to expand myself as an individual.
And I grow in the work I do to expand the impact that I create on others.

It's not about intrinsic or external motivations.
It's about expanding and becoming more today than you were yesterday. 

I'm in process of launching a new business, and this time I intend to go big. I intend to build a $100M+ company.

I don't do this because I need the money, or because I need to employ that many people. 

I do this because it's about challenging myself to grow and expand. To prove to myself that I can do it.

To force myself to grow into a greater man today than I was yesterday.

Consider that expansion is your purpose, and you will find that almost any other purpose you have had fits within that frame.

Expansion simply encourages you to keep growing.