034: How do you "budget" your time?

Over the past 5 years, I got relentless with my finances. 

My wife and I track every dollar we spend.
And our net worth every month. 

This helps keep us conscious of our financial status and make better decisions to improve it. 

Yet i've never put much thought into "budgeting" my time. 

Recently I was listening to some content from Russ Perry where he shared the biggest shift he made to increase his productivity was to treat his time like spending money.

When I spend money, I look at it in a few ways?

Is this money an investment that is going to bring me more time or money in the future?
Is this money going to bring me happiness and satisfaction?

You can quickly realize how you could apply those same questions toward how you spend your time.

Will this time investment generate more money or time in the future?
Will this time investment bring me happiness?

But the key takeaway is this... 

For years I didn't manage my finances with a system, and they were terrible. 
And for years I didn't manage my time.

So what would be possible if you do treat your time like a budget?