035: Schedule yourself first

At the time of writing this, my calendar appears to be 100% booked out for the next two weeks. 

Literally, no one can schedule sales calls or check-in calls with me because I am booked up. 

At first, this may seem overwhelming and crazy. It's certainly far more meetings than I would like.

But for me't is acceptable for one simple reason...

I limit the hours I am available for calls everyday. 

I don't take calls before 12:30.
And I have time blocks chunked out throughout my week to focus on heads down work. 

You see, I put my schedule first, and then I let people book calls with me in the windows that I allow them to. 

This ensures that I have time to do my routines every morning.
This ensures that I get out of the office on time every day.
This ensures that I have time to create and build and work on my business.

Too many people just give people a blank slate calendar to book anytime. 
They let other people prioritize their calendars.

But you must schedule yourself first.
You must prioritize time for you first.
Because when you can work on you, then you show up and can deliver more to others. 

Don't feel guilty about putting yourself first. It's essential for growth.