036: Create Frameworks

For a majority of my life, I found joy in creating everything I did from scratch.

A new business concept, brainstorm from scratch.
A strategy for a client, brainstorm from scratch. 
A new design or brand, brainstorm from scratch. 

Yet over time, I realize that this was actually limiting. 

When you try to start from scratch every time, you are making life harder on yourself.

Instead, you can build and create within "frameworks"

For example, when I started doing Linkedin outreach campaigns, I created every campaign custom and from scratch.

But quickly I learned that was silly and that certain frameworks worked almost every time.

Over time I created 7 unique frameworks that we use at Lead Cookie for our customer strategy. In 95% of cases, we can fit our clients into these frameworks.


It took time to discover and build these frameworks, but now that they are in place I am able to have someone else on my team create strategies and simply operate within our proven frameworks.

Stop building from scratch. 
Build within frameworks. 
It will massively increase your output.