037: Gather Data. Make Decisions. Move forward. Repeat.

Gather Data. Make Decisions. Move Forward. Repeat.

This is the simple process of growth in any area of our life. 

If we want to hit a business target, we must gather data around where we are, and where we want to go. (Ex. new marketing or delivery systems)

But eventually we have to make a decision to execute on the data we have been gathering.

The data is never perfect, but it is only but making the decision to execute that we can gather real world data as we attempt to move forward.

When we sit in the "Gather data" stage forever, we never make forward progress. We just keep gathering "theoretical data".

When we make a decision, we choose to execute.

And when we execute, our data goes from "theoretical" to "practical".

And that data is far more powerful.

So don't spend your life gathering "theoretical data"
Gather enough, then make a decision.
It is only then that you can move forward.