038: Meditation creates expansion

You hear about meditation all the time, and the wonderful benefits of it.
Yet most people struggle to actually commit to it.
They struggle to see the immediate benefits, or keep the habit.

Well, today marks 11 months of daily meditation for me. I'm consistent and hardly ever miss a day. 

And the benefits are incredible.

Reduced anxiety.
Increased consciousness and awareness. 
Clarity of my thoughts.

Those sound like fuzzy benefits, but when you experience them they are life changing.

Years ago, I would have a busy day at work. Curve balls would be thrown at me and I would end up in complete panic and anxiety by the end of the day.

Today, I sit down at work, I execute on what I know needs to be done. Curve balls are occasionally thrown at me. I see them, I am aware of them, and I react accordingly. 

But I'm not stressed, I don't get easily overwhelmed. 

Meditation expands me. 
It expands what I am capable of.
And it expands who I am.

If you are struggling to commit to the habit, just do it for 90 days. You will be amazed at how it changes you.