039: Don't overcomplicate

There is a trend I see across many of the early stage entrepreneurs that I speak with. 

They like to focus on the systems, the apps, the tools...

They spend all their time trying to figure out this perfect process for their business... while in reality their business is just getting off the ground.

Instead they should be focused on more customers. 

When you are just starting out, systems can be a distraction. 

While you need systems to scale...
You don't need them until you are ready to scale.

So much time is wasted by entrepreneurs for creating SOP's that are only used one or two times...

Instead, start with training others on processes in a rough and dirty way. Record a video, or train them live.
Either option takes 1/4th the time.

And when you find that you are doing a process over, and over, and over again. 

Then build a system. 

But don't build your systems too early.
Build your system when it hurts, and the current way of doing things is broken.