042: Invest in your people

There is this famous business book called the E-Myth that most entrepreneurs have read. It has a lot of great concepts, but there is one concept that gets taken too far.

The E-Myth shares the concept that your business should become so systematized that you can swap out a person and easily train someone new into this role. 

This concept is great, and is very true for business.
But many entrepreneurs interpret this the wrong way...

Because they build a business where they can replace a person easily, they stop valuing their team. 

They get into the mindset of "Well I can just hire someone new if they leave."

And so they treat their team like crap, and don't invest at all in developing their team members.

I'm sure this wasn't Michael Gerbers intent when he wrote the book, but I see this attitude among so many entrepreneurs. 

They treat their people as replaceable things. 

And sure, you can run a business this way, but consider something different...

Your people are assets that you can develop.

Instead of just hiring them as a cog in a machine, you can train and develop them. You can promote them to new roles that are harder to replace. 

And when you invest into them, they will give you their heart and soul in their work instead of just showing up for a paycheck.

Just because a role is replaceable doesn't mean the person is.
Invest in your people. Grow them into assets.