044: Where to invest your money

As I started becoming an adult, I became committed to this idea of learning how to invest properly. I studied books on investing, RothIRA's, 401ks, and all those fun things.

Yet all of this studying and reading was pretty pointless...
Because I didn't have much money to save. 

And so despite reading book after book on money, it didn't seem to help me grow at all. And I would just save a little each year.

Then something changed over the past two years...

Instead of investing that money into RothIRA's...

I invested in myself.

I hired a mentor for training. 
I invested in programs to level up my mindsets and skillsets.
I purchased tickets to live events.

And my ROI on these investments? 

24.9% increase on my income 

Thats more than any stock could have brought me.

I'm not saying you shouldn't buy stocks or invest in RothIRA's to protect your cash. 

But what I am saying is that FIRST you should invest in yourself.
Into developing yourself as a stronger person.

Because you will give yourself a strong ROI than any stock ever will.

And once you have invested so much in yourself that you have extra cash, then start putting that into tax deferred investments.