045: The problem with saving money

There are tons of books and thought leaders out today who preach the idea of saving money at all costs. 

That the way to get ahead is to spend less, and save more. 

And for someone who is an employee on a fixed salary, this is probably a good course of action. 

But the problem is that this mindset is actually negative for the entrepreneur.

For years I operated from this place of saving every dollar that I could. 
I was afraid to spend money to hire people, or invest in myself. 

And unknown to me at the time, this was stunting my growth. 

You see, frugality in business is driven from a place of scarcity. 
In scarcity, you are saying "If I spend this money, we will run out."

And while frugality is good for the employee, it's toxic for the entrepreneur.

Instead, you must shift your mindset to one of an investor.

"If I INVEST this money, it will generate more." 

That subtle change in mindset of how you look at your money can drastically change your life and business. 

Frugality is for the employee.
Investing is for the entrepreneur.