047: Don't do it alone

After I left the first company I started, I decided that I was sick of having to deal with a team. 

It was a lot of stress to make payroll every month.
I was responsible for a lot of other people. 
And it was ultimately a lot more work, or so it felt at the time.

So for several years, I went the solo consultant route. 

I worked alone, and I loved it.

I was dead set on never hiring anyone again because I didn't want to have to have that burden or weight on me.

But over time I realized something...
No one has ever built anything great alone.

Even when you look at great authors, or artists. 
They don't operate alone.

They have a team of people around them who support them in the areas that they are weak. 

And so eventually, I got over this hump and slowly I started adding members to my team again.

And what I realized is that your team is there to help you go further, not to old you back.

Don't go it alone. 
Because you can go much further and faster with others.