048: Don't count on luck

One of the most toxic mindsets that holds people back from achieving the results they want in life is a belief in luck.

It's easy to look at a celebrity, entrepreneur, athlete and say "Oh, they are so lucky"

You reverse engineer their story and say that they had a "Lucky break"

But the truth is that is bullshit. 

Anyone who has made it in this world works their ass off to create that opportunity for themselves. 

When I was younger, I had the opportunity to work with the band Paramore. This whole band was basically a bunch of teenagers when they first hit it big. 

A lot of people could call that luck, but while working with them I saw something different.

These band members worked their tails off. 
Even though they were young, they operated like mature business men and women. 

They had a vision, and they hustled to turn that vision into a reality.

There was no luck in their success. 
There was simply hard work to create incredible music and a following of fans.

Don't count on luck.
Create your own success.