049: Working hard doesn't work

16 hour days... that was my my norm of working life for years.
I worked my tail off, and assumed that in working hard I would make more money and achieve success.

But ultimately, I was being held back... 

I was held back by my lack of the proper skill sets and mindsets for growth.

You see, if you just work hard, you can only go so far. 
Because the output of your work is multiplied by your skills.

Think about it this way.

Skills X Work = Results

So if you just keep working hard, then you are going to hit a ceiling unless you level up your skill sets. 

BUT if you choose to level up your skill sets, then the game changes. 

Because there is no ceiling to how far you can grow your skill sets. 

You can always keep expanding skill sets.
While you can only work so many hours in a day.

So instead of working harder to producer results...
Choose to work harder to acquire skill sets.

There is no ceiling to the growth you can achieve with this approach. 

--- This post is inspired by content from Garrett J. White of Wake Up Warrior