050: You suck at sales and marketing

You suck at sales and marketing... You may even be offering marketing services and want to deny that statement.

But here is a test to know how good you are at sales and marketing.

Look at your bank accounts. 

Are you happy with what you see? 

If your numbers are amazing beyond your wildest expectations, then maybe you are actually pretty good. 

But if like most of us, you look at your bank accounts and desire to have more... 

Then I would invite you to consider that the reason you don't have enough money in your accounts is that you need to level up your game at sales and marketing. 

Many people assume they can just read a book or study sales and marketing for a while, and then they earned a nice blue ribbon. 

But these are skills that you can study and go deeper into for your entire life. 

The deeper you go.
The better you get.
The more value you create.
And the more money that enters your bank accounts.

If your not happy with what your bank account has to say, then level up your sales and marketing.