051: Learn your numbers

Early in my business career, I told myself a story that "I'm not good with the financial and numbers aspect of the business."

So I just ignored this area. 
I let my ops guy handle it, and I just looked the other way.
This is a huge mistake... 

You see, unless your an accountant, most entrepreneurs won't naturally be "good with numbers".

But that doesn't mean you can ignore them.

Understanding your finances, your accounting, and your taxes is a crucial skill to growing your business.

It's not optional.
It's essential.

While you can hire a bookkeeper and CPA to handle the paperwork part, you can't hire them to make tough financial decisions for you. 

You can't hire them to build out a financial model of your business as it grows.

While you could try to hire someone to do these things for you, it's not a viable long term solution to growth.

Because if you really want to grow your business, you need to level up your financial skills. 

You need to build new financial systems that let you see your numbers.
You need to learn to read those numbers so you can make hard decisions. 
And as you build or launch new businesses, you need to be able to create your own financial models.

Don't ignore the numbers. 
It will hold you back. 
Learn your numbers. Inside that is a key to your growth.